Welcome to icoshopping.com

The ico.ch Group Sagl is a small company founded in 2006 (02 June)
with the aim to make the most of sales opportunities
of any item legally marketable.

We opened this virtual store (icoshopping.com) to leverage the internet (e-commerce) that has become a raging river that you can not contain and
that changed totally and radically the world of commerce.

The use of this website is the system used to acquire our clients as well as the irreplaceable word of mouth generated by our customers.

We have a complete price list of
 thousands of items ...
for items not found in the "Shop Online" you can always send us a request via

Email ...


Wholesale prices available on request!

Un Thanks and greetings to all our visitors ...

ico.ch Group Sagl
  CH-6645 Brione sopra Minusio (TI)


Commercial Register (Switzerland/Ticino): CHE-112.963.118
Swiss Identification Register of Companies (IDI): CHE-112.963.118
Swiss VAT-Number: CHE-112.963.118 IVA

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